Video Diaries {Bringing Yume Home} | Richmond Newborn Photographer

In the last few years, my admiration for video documentaries of my children have increased exponentially. Although they are only amateur home videos, my kids love to watch themselves as babies over and over again, and so do I =) In my opinion, I really enjoy watching the actual sound and movement, and it doesn’t quite compare to a simple photograph “frozen” in time.

Weddings are a huge life changing event, and that is when professional wedding videographers are hired to document that one special day. But what about having your first baby or newest addition to complete your family? That too is a huge life changing event, so it is important to capture it on video too, especially since your newborn will not stay small for very long….

Combining my new interest for videography, and helping you cherish your memories as a family, I would like to introduce a new videography service for you =)

As I build my videography portfolio, I am offering an introductory price of $350 for a music video, and one hour of my time at your home. I am particularly interested in documenting your new baby within the first month.

Here is an example, please enjoy!

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